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In the course of the last several years RUE «Gomelhlebprom» has been constantly taking part in different exhibitions and contests. The enterprise participates in annual Republican exhibitions, such as international specialized exhibition «Health, strength and beauty», «Spring in Gomel», «Food industry», contest «Taste», national exhibitions of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation in Kaliningrad, Moscow, Smolensk. In 2009 the Enterprise won gold, silver and bronze medals. Besides, RUE «Gomelhlebprom» was awarded with a Diploma of 1st degree «For active participation in the Belarusian agricultural week, high level and quality of the production, development and introduction of modern technologies». In October 2009 in the city of Kaliningrad at the 12th specialized exhibition «Agrocomplex-2009» the Enterprise became an awardee of the international contest «Best Product-2009» for the bread «Grand Special».


Introduction of the quality management 

The enterprise is introducing  International system of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP). At the bakery plants No.1, No.2, No.4 of Gomel the quality management system on the basis of HACCP system has been certified. The enterprise has worked out a schedule of introduction of HACCP system at the bakery plants and branches. Integrated system of management in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001, STB 18001, STB ISO 14001 has been introduced and certified.


Technologies and technological

 RUE «Gomelhlebprom» uses the following

-               complex 4-staged technologies with the use of lactic acid bacteria of Delbruck by production of bread;

-               technology with the use of hop composition by production of bread;

-               production of puff pastry;

-               production of half-baked frozen products;

-               production of frozen dough products.

Production of wide assortment of production with long shelf-life owing to the use of the soft pastry fat «Belmol».

Production of bakery products with the use of whole rye and wheat grain, with the use of grain additives and powder; production of bread from couched dispersed rye and wheat grain.


Broadening of assortment is one of the strategic tasks of the enterprise development. Specialists of the RUE «Gomelhlebprom» were one of the first in the Republic of Belarus who mastered the production of the non-yeasted bread with the use of hop composition and half-baked frozen products. Innovative technologies of frozen products are used in confectionary production, production of the wide assortment of croissants, puffs, pancakes, doughnuts, pancakes with various fillings (apricot, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, cottage cheese) at the Gomel bakery plant No.4 workshop No.2, and production of pizza with mushrooms, shrimps, ham and cheese, Mexican and Village pizza. Serious approach to the production of flour and sugar sweets, modern rhythm of life requires fast and rich nutrition, and our enterprise is ready to surprise the customers with such assortment.


Our offers

Subject of activity of the enterprise are production, performance of works, rendering of services.

By enterprise RUE «Gomelhlebprom» it is developed bakery products about 200 names on the average 180 – 190 tons a day; confectioner's shops – about 250 names on the average 2,5 – 3,0 tons a day.

The assortment of the corn is various. Except rzhano-wheaten scalded the corn by the enterprise are developed bread without application of the pressed yeast (with use of a hop composition), rzhano-wheaten and wheaten corn, bread for toasts, bakeries and rich products, pies, suharno-baranochnye the products, the semibaked frozen products.

In assortment of confectionery – sweets flour, sweets sugar, soft confectionery, spice-cakes, cookies, puff products, frozen bread preparations.


Our advantages

Experts RUE «Gomelhlebprom» the first in Republic have mastered release of yeastless bread with use of a hop composition, halffrozen products. Innovative technologies of the frozen products haven't bypassed also confectionery release of wide assortment of croissants, donuts, pancakes, donuts, fritters with a stuffing for all tastes (an apricot, a raspberry, a cherry, a strawberry, cottage cheese) which release is mastered on the Gomel bakery ¹4 shop ¹2, and also pizzas (with mushrooms, with shrimps, with a ham and cheese, on-meksikanski, in a rural way). Today is the serious approach to manufacture of flour and sugar sweets. The modern rhythm of life demands from people of a fast and high-calorie food. Our enterprise is ready to surprise buyers with such assortment.


Our achievements

RUE «Gomelhlebprom» is the constant participant of republican and international exhibitions, competitions and reviews. By results of republican review of quality «Lasunak – 2010» bakeries and branches are awarded high Grand prix, 7 gold medals for 16 names of production, 6 silver medals for 18 names of production and 1 bronze medal for 3 names of production. Winners of competition «the Best goods of Byelorussia in the market of the Russian Federation» bread «Studenkovsky» (the Bakery ¹ 4 shop ¹ 2); and bread «Zaspinsky new» (the Bakery ¹ 4 shop ¹ 1).

The enterprise carries out purposeful activity on advancement of own production both in Byelorussia, and behind its limits. In January 2010 RUE «Gomelhlebprom» has taken part in the National display of Byelorussia at the International fair «Green week» in Berlin. Constant participation in exhibitions-fairs and exhibitions-sales «Made in Belarus», «the Best production of Belarus in Moscow», spent by the All-Russia Exhibition Center, in the Trading Complex «Warm Camp» allows to present wide assortment of production in the market of Moscow. The enterprise actively takes part in exhibitions in St.-Petersburg, Bryansk and the Bryansk region, Smolensk and the Smolensk region.

RUE «Gomelhlebprom» has taken part in republican exhibitions-fairs «Kupljajte Belaruskae» (Minsk), in the Belarus-Kazakhstan economic forum (Minsk), in the exhibitions-sales spent in Gomel and the Gomel area (more than 200). And the deserved medals and diplomas say that our production is competitive and claimed at buyers.